As I sit here overwhelmed, trying to find a way to get all my work done before the holiday weekend.  I have found myself thinking of all the beautiful “things” I have going in life.  These “things” include my Family, Friends, Clients, Food, Home and Work.  To begin, I am so lucky to have a job I love.  Not too many people get to say that!  While there are days that the job can become overwhelming and overbearing I still LOVE it and I am incredibly grateful for it!  I work with a team of people that are caring, supportive, generous and kind.  Yes, of course we have our differences and moments of frustration BUT we always come back together and grow from these differences.   What helps to increase the love of my job is the clients… well you are more than clients, you are friends.  Thank you for your business and support, its means everything!   

Unlike so many people in this world, I am so lucky to have a beautiful, warm home that includes a kitchen stocked with food!  I have to laugh; I say my kitchen is stocked with food.  Well it was after I made a mad dash through the grocery store yesterday!  Anyway, more importantly, this home is filed with love and support from my AMAZING family!!  They truly are my world and I try to make sure everything revolves around them.  There are so many days that I struggle to find a balance between family, friends and work.  BUT I am one of the lucky ones who have to find this balance. 

I leave you with this… wake up every day HAPPY for the chance to live another day, GRATEFUL for the “things” you have and MOTIVATED to appreciate and love the live you have!! 

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!  Peace, LOVE and turkey to all!!